Eat Tokyo, Holborn, London

Eat Tokyo, Holborn, London

You can never know for sure, but although I had another decent meal at another Eat Tokyo, my stomach was feeling worse for wear afterwards. I’ve been to exactly one other branch of this chain and the game here is the same. Cheap, fast, fuss-free Japanese cuisine in the heart of London. The menu at Eat Tokyo is always mammoth, but I ended up wanting to get the bento box again.

Eat Tokyo Bento Teriyaki chicken Review

Eat Tokyo is a venue that you don’t need to book. Which is a nice relief in a town like London where everything always looks overrun on a busy night. We were just in the neighbourhood of the very cool Novelty Automation¬†and were feeling peckish on our return back into the city. Before we head into the review, I do highly recommend checking out that place. First introduced to me by my good friend Craig, it’s a little gadget-like arcade with machines that do very cool things. Motion master, nuclear reactors, frisking and deciding what is art. It’s all a bit hard to explain without showing, but just go.

And onto Eat Tokyo Holborn. My friends went for the sushi and the pork katsu plate. Portions are as big as the menu, you’ll struggle to finish the dish. And I was mostly happy with the food, some of the teriyaki chicken tasted a bit funny. But good sides and it’s a fun variety. I did ask for no seafood sushi, but that was missed. I had plenty to feed upon when you order the bento box.

Eat tokyo katsu Holborn Review

But as mentioned, the main issue I wasn’t feeling so sharp a few hours after the meal or the day after. It’s always contentious making such claims, but I hadn’t dined on anything else that day questionable and something about the dish felt a bit off during. So I’d very likely return to another Eat Tokyo but maybe just a bit more way. I liked the Soho branch remember.


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