Pasta La Vista: Getting busy at The Avenue Cookery School

Pasta La Vista: Getting busy at The Avenue Cookery School

Eureka! Ever get that feeling when you suddenly realise how easy and doable something could be? Well, a class at The Avenue Cookery School might have you racing back into the kitchen. I head in to learn about making vegan pasta and walked out feeling inspired, with a few new skills under my belt.

Get to class

The Avenue Cookery School is located in Wandsworth, an easy 10 minute stroll from the centre of the town. It’s a family run school, established in 2004. It offers everything fromĀ  3-hour evening classes to 2-week Chalet HostĀ courses, as well as corporate events and for other special occasions.

My class was the vegan pasta workshop which was on a weekday night and included dinner – of course, as that’s what you make. It’s an absolute smashing ravioli that you have to look forward to (spoiler alert). With the added bonus of knowing that you crafted it yourself (with a little help). Over the course of the evening you get a demonstration, tips and tricks before you’re let loose into the kitchen.

The kitchen of the Avenue Cookery School is quietly awesome. Lots of light, a mirrored demo table and it’s funky. I’d have no doubt it gets lively with the events on. And actually, it’s BYOB so you can bring your own fun too.

Ravioli to rave about

The class begins with a demonstration from our chef, Rich, before we get the ingredients and give it a go ourselves. The vegan aspect of the ravioli is super simple – the egg is omitted in the mix and the technique only changes ever so slightly. Who knew it could be that simple, or easy? It’s definitely something I and the rest of the class are keen to try back at home.

With ravioli it’s a process of getting the right thickness from the pasta machine. All that spinning is hard work, before we scoop in the prepared vegan filling. It’s a roasted butternut mix. This is flavoured with a flavoured yeast called Engevita (need to get a jar of this, so yum!) as well as a homemade vegan parmesan-like replacement.

Ravioli only takes mere minutes to cook, and then it’s dressed with beurre noisette, rocket and onto the dining table. I might be biased but this ravioli was decidedly delicious. The filling is super flavourful and it all comes together beautifully with the beurre noisette. And the walnuts. So good!

I had a lot of fun at my Vegan pasta making class at the Avenue Cookery School. I picked up a few new tricks and felt like I could do it all again at home. A great use of an evening and with an awesome meal to top it all off.