Sam’s Travel Journal: Canary Islands

Sam’s Travel Journal: Canary Islands

Two unexpected occurrences disturbed the sleep before my first trip of the year, the Canary Islands in Spain. One, there was a mosquito in my room. Two, this guy was smashing the windscreen of a car outside. Ugh. How annoying. It looked to be drug- or gang-related – take your pick.

Island time

I nuzzled my head into my pillow as I drowned out the yelling and screams for help. In retrospect I should have have tried to be more useful; at least have taken a Snapchat if not a LiveLeak video. But I had an early flight, so no time for that!

I prefer my holidays to be smashing rather than my neighbourhood. At least Whitechapel has the decency to be cheap. Most of Europe is still pretty chilly but I found a cheap fare, and a tan in the Canary Islands. it’s part of Spain but closer to Africa. Like a discount Hawaii, but in a good way.

Super windy from all the Sahara, I should have had a hand (or foot?) at kitesurfing. But I can barely walk in a straight line so… My week was in two of the Canary Islands: Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. It was a pretty quiet time, being Holy Week and also being out of peak season. Perfect.


The former is hard to pronounce but easy to enjoy. Despite having excessive cloud for most of my trip, my skin roasted in no time. I stayed in a Brit-popular area called Corralejo. I did the usual tourist trappings: the old town, beaches (playas), the sand dunes, the nudist spots. Away from the town I took a bus to fishing village/ surfing spot El Cotillo, and a ferry to Lobos Island for some volcanic hikes. RIP my sneakers.


The second part was over in Lanzarote and I took a stomach churning 40min ferry to get there. The Soos are not boat people – my head was spinning and I was seeing stars. Much like the night before when I had one too many cocktails. Which is one cocktail. Drinking is cheap. And with bonus snacks. In Arrecife: more beaches, more cloud, more friendly islanders. The Canaries people are so nice and welcoming, unlike my next location (packing the mace as I type). Yum heldo (ice-cream) and dulce de leche everything pls.

On the trip I had one busy day with the tour I booked. Camel rides, scenery, a questionable buffet, volcanoes and this pretty cave with cute white albino crabs. Local artist Cesar Manrique had free reign of designing the island and this cave. As well as this I also checked out his home, which was built into lava bubbles. Kinda like a Bond villain hideout, but I’m sure he was a good guy.

And like all the birds here, time flies by, and now I’m back in chilly London (or chilli if you count the number of curry houses around my flat). I’m off again on Wednesday, my alarm is already set for 2.30am. It’s my turn for a summer I think!