Tim Hortons, Glasgow

Tim Hortons, Glasgow

I’m not Canadian, and I only spent a week in Toronto, but still, something about seeing Tim Hortons in Glasgow, Scotland brings a smile to my face. It’s the part of me that wants to be a Canadian, eh. I mean, the food’s not good but there’s some charm that I instinctively associate with Canadian things. And I’m not alone there. It’s proper busy at this flagship store of Europe. Did you know that 8 out of every 10 cups of coffee sold in Canada are from Tim Hortons? That’s just a little too insane to process. Since opening his first cafe in 1964, Tim’s really outdone himself.

Tim Hortons Glasgow

We went to this branch on Argyle Street. It happens to be first store in Europe, two times over our Scottish weekend. The menu is a bit smaller (from memory), but otherwise features the same Tim Hortons’ classics. Donuts, Timbits, fruit explosion muffins, mediocre coffee, it’s all here in identical form. The prices maintain their reasonable level and the staff are even quicker than the ones in Canada: I had my box of Timbits in hand before I even finished paying. It’s a tough choice choosing which flavours of the donut holes are best, my safe bet is a mix of everything.

Tim Hortons Glasgow Food

I’m not sure if you ever come to Tim Hortons for the food – the sausage egg muffin is a bit blah, the coffee blah, the donuts alright. Something about the sausage patty feels a little artificial and the coffee is vending machine-like. The sweet goods from Tim’s are always a treat though, they know their bakestuffs.

TIm Hortons Glasgow Timbits

I think I hope to see a few more Tim Hortons around, but not too many more. It’s more of a novelty right now than a food institution. We don’t quite need yet another food brand hell bent on global domination. The Tims’ website does look ready for a few more branches, but London might not be on the radar just yet. They did announce a second branch for Glasgow just thirty days after the first store’s opening. I guess that means do brace yourself, because dominion looks imminent.