Mother India, Glasgow, Scotland

Mother India, Glasgow, Scotland

The mother of all curries? A name that gets heralded around as one of the city’s top restaurants (let alone Indian restaurants) in Glasgow is Mother India. The UK does such a good job of producing such smashing curries, in part to its long history of emigration and popularity. This count as one of my favourite curries. Mother India continues a rich tradition delivering outstanding Indian cuisine in a relaxed, but upmarket atmosphere.

Warm the soul

I tried getting a last minute booking to Mother India for the Saturday night but alas, the reservation gods were not with me. Instead we did attempted some progressive dining which yielded mixed results. We did however, manage to get in a spot at Mother India for the following day’s lunchtime. As Glasgow routine would have it, it was a rainy one. So a warming curry with bouncy naans had us all excited. The naans are very good, although my gold medal for the flatbread still goes to Mukka.

We didn’t realise until we got to the venue that our booking was for when the restaurant was just opening. Cue us waiting outside hungrily as the staff make their final preparations. Our server was a cool guy, gave us a little backstory about how he was in the air force, trained to be a pilot, but wasn’t able to make it to the next cut. It’s these little human touches that characterised our love for Glasgow – the people do make it, truly. It’s a kind reminder of the souls behind the food when everything else in homogenised chain dining feels so faceless.

Tandoor chicken – not huge, but tender, good flavours. A nice sweet beetroot side. Cheap!

Yum, yum, yum

The food at Mother India was priceless. We found the quality grand, everything was superbly crafted and a few surprises here and there. Truth be told, when I order butter chicken I’m very happened when presented with an orange, sugary goo. But Mother India’s version (£6.95) is such a refined shade of that. Just three pieces (perfect for the three of us anyhow), but like the tandoor chicken, tender and high quality. Love this sauce.

The guys were new to vegetable pakora (£2.95). But not me! I’m well familiar with these fried, vegetable morsels. Crisp, delicate and no greasy aftertaste.

That brings us to the final two dishes, and both were curries. One was the spinachy saag panner and the second was a spicier, lamb curry. Sorry, I don’t remember the name. But I do remember it was very good. I leaned towards the green one myself, but both went well.

A highlight of Glasgow

I look back at my time with Mother India with many fond memories. Like a lot of Glasgow dining, the prices work super well in our favour and the output from these guys is simply top notch. In terms of curries in my lifetime, these count towards my favourites.


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