KFC, City Centre, Glasgow

KFC, City Centre, Glasgow

What can I say? The heart wants what it wants. There’s probably way too many posts on KFCs but maybe I can rationalise it as helping me understand cross-cultural differences. KFC Glasgow on a Saturday night must be one of the most rocking places in town, but don’t tell that to the staff – poor things. Not sure that serving drunk and incomprehensible customers even becomes much fun.

KFC Glasgow City Review

Our trip was out of consequence rather than intention. There didn’t appear to be too many food options open at this hour (that we knew of) so it revealed itself like a spotlight appearing across the sky.

We ordered a little mix of the wings, chicken and fries. Like most of Europe the fries are the boring, salted shoestring variety. Wait ’til these guys discover chicken salt. But the wings – incredible. Some of the best wings Rob and I tasted. Not sure if it was due to the time of day, our hunger level, or if it was just a good batch.

I often hypothesis that more angry staff go more nuts on the coating which makes it even more flavourful. That, or the alcohol. Service at this time of the night (or should that be morning) is a snail pace but the drunken banter from in front and behind makes the time whirl right by.

Some weird things they have at KFC in the UK but not at home: cookies, soft serve desserts, corn cobs, baked beans (yuck!) and rice boxes. We’re not missing out on anything.


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