Cream’s Cafe, Canterbury, Kent

Cream’s Cafe, Canterbury, Kent

Bubblewrap/ bubble pop waffles are nothing new. They’ve been around since the 1950’s in Hong Kong markets feeding one and all in need of a sweet feast. But this year they’ve exploded onto London as the next Instagram-craze due to one particular store. I have not felt any urge to sample a bubblewrap waffle yet, but then a visit to Cream’s Cafe in Canterbury changed that!

We hadn’t even had intending on indulging in a cheeky afternoon treat, but then we came across the Cream’s Cafe store and just had to pop in. From the outside, the modern design and metallic steampunk features stood out. This was the shiniest shop for miles. Im told that the Cream’s franchise itself is a bit ordinary, but this is one of the most impressive fit outs I’ve seen period. The store has had two year’s of renovations and a lot of effort has gone to make this scene spectacular, including collection weird options from weird places.

creams hot chocolate

That alone made it worth sitting in and checking out the interior features more closely. We had a feeling the food probably wasn’t going to be spectacular but this is a cafe I’d say is seriously worth checking out for it’s inspired aesthetic. Service is seated at Cream’s Cafe but DIY. You can mull over the menu as much as you like before heading to the counter for your demands. Service was rather inconsistent. Gem’s hot chocolate came ten minutes (or so) later than our plated desserts. The apple pie and delayed drink both had above average reviews. I probably won the session with my bubble pop waffle.

creams apple pie

No doubt Cream’s Cafe are riding the trend and there’s no shame in that. The menu is quite big and must be slightly unwieldily for the kitchen. There’s a big section for gelato, followed by sundaes, cakes, milkshakes, puddings, crepes and waffles. It was so hard to decide. I went with one I knew I would like and ordered the Banoffle Crunch (£6.45). This is the bubble waffle with banana and salted caramel gelato with banana, nuts and fudge pieces and a toffee sauce. Look at it. It’s just glorious.

creams canterbury banoffe waffle

And you know what? I thought this was quite good. I was pleasantly impressed. I happily finished it off, despite the gigantic size. The waffle is freshly made and still warm, and the batter didn’t taste dry like a few waffles I’ve had of late (e.g. Little Frankie’s). Both gelato flavours here are tasty – again, surprised with the banana in particular. There is a hell of a lot of sugar and cream happening. The price is nice and reasonable and whilst not as memorable as the decor, I leave Cream’s Cafe a very happy camper. Definitely worth a look in if you’re in the area.