Hummer-Austen Bar, Zürich

Hummer-Austen Bar, Zürich

For my evening in Zurich, I opted to have my sweet third course at a different establishment. This was the Hummer-Austern Bar. Progressive dinners aren’t quite as much of a thing here. And there’s usual some bemusement when  I inevitably get asked to explained. This is generally followed by an “ahh, that makes sense”.

It was kind of an odd experience dining here at the Hummer-Austern Bar. It wasn’t a busy evening for them, so me dining in alone with a single dish must have struck as unusual. The venue is quite fancy, and I’m all here decked out in my usual casual clothes. For the most part I wasn’t made to feel too out of place. But boy, did this feel like a lifetime of waiting to get this dessert.

Of the dessert options I went for the humble Tarte Tartin (19Fr). This version is made from scratch and the delay was a bit hefty. I know it’s a dish that requires a deft hand and it’s all made to order but the wait compounded when you don’t have much to do.

Still, I was pleased when it arrived. A perfectly crisp pastry with wonderfully caramelised fruit slices that sat underneath a scoop of margarita ice-cream. The flakes of the pastry were buttery and melted in your mouth with the contrast of the not-overly-sweet dairy confection. Worth the wait.

After my dessert I did end up missing the sunset (cue sadness) but Zurich at night was still charming. My hostel wasn’t too far away (one train) and once I checked in there was enough to do. Nearby there was a sort of outdoor festival with music and lights and things that was kind of cool. I didn’t want to push my waking hours, since I had an early start the following day for my Mount Titlis tour. And so that ends my first day in Zurich!