Hiltl Restaurant, Sihlstrasse, Zurich

Hiltl Restaurant, Sihlstrasse, Zurich

Vegetarians are real spoilt by the top class restaurants in Zurich. And Haus Hiltl is one of the best of them. It holds the Guinness world record being the oldest continuously open vegetarian restaurant in the world. First opening its doors in 1898 it has evolved a lot over the years, to something with quite a lot of character. Find out what happens with my first fruit salad curry!

A vegetarian’s delight

Hiltl Restaurant (or Haus Hiltl) was on my hit list from the get go. I enjoy eating vegetarian food and being Zurich I was optimistic that it might have also been a cheaper option than something more meat-based. Hiltl didn’t require a booking but is a very busy venue.

Most of the diners seem most keen on the buffet option. Like sister restaurant Tidbits, all the options are vegetarian and you pick what you like before your plate gets weighed. The buffet costs 5.20 CHF per 100 grams.

But I wanted to be different. I headed upstairs for a nicer view and something from the table menu. I must say it did feel like a weird experience. There occasionally was service, but then kinda not. Also very strange was the menu options! I’ve never seen something like it with so many varied and bizarre choices.

Fruit salad curry?

I thought I would play it safe with one of the classics. I had the Banana Madras with a curry sauce with mango, cashew nuts, poppadom. It’s served with rice and optional vegan whipping cream that I asked for (out of morbid curiosity) but never got (which could have been a good thing).

It tastes exactly what you might think. A curry with some heat and fruit. I didn’t hate it and it was prepared very well. Everyone who’s seen the picture is blown away but how ‘out there’ the dish is, and whilst I’m not sure if I’d say it fully worked for me, I appreciated the point of difference. I’d describe the taste as fruit salad coated in a tasty mild curry sauce.

Either way, there’s a lot of happy diners here at Haus Hiltl so one well worth checking out!