Restaurant Elsbethenstübli, Basel

Restaurant Elsbethenstübli, Basel

Unfortunately, this is going to be one of those posts where things went all wrong and I have to rage. It started with the best of intentions at Restaurant Elsbethenstübli though. My friend and all-things-Basel travel guide Jenny was keen for me to check out a real Swiss fondue. I like cheese, right? So where could this go wrong?

Elsbethenstübli fondue

A proper Swiss fondue is a few notches different to what I always imagined in my head. It’s not just cheese (but still mostly cheese). It has the addition of white wine, and perhaps it was the version at Restaurant Elsbethenstübli that I couldn’t find myself enjoying. It’s a cheese with a sweet edge, and you can taste the alcohol. I do like my wine, it was more of it being unexpected. And it’s a really odd thing to have as a main. Cheese and bread. A bit more acquired than I realised, that’s what.

I take responsibility for where things really went south at Restaurant Elsbethenstübli and that was in my main course. I ordered chicken pasta, and yes, I already got lectured this isn’t a Swiss delicacy nor is it something I should order in Basel. What can I say? I just craved it and we all go through those motions. The food arrived quick. Too quick.

Elsbethenstübli pasta

Some of the chicken was raw. My eyes darted as soon as I cut into pink. I wasn’t very impressed but service was very hard to get, so we couldn’t convey our issues. Again, yes I know I should always do it at the time that it occurred, it was difficult with the language barrier as well. Even without that element, it still was a meh dish. Maybe I’m not as much of a fondue person as I thought, but maybe it wasn’t a good version. I guess I won’t know yet!