Naia – Mikel Otaegui, Arrecife, Canary Islands

Naia – Mikel Otaegui, Arrecife, Canary Islands

I finally got my first beach break of the year. That makes for one very happy Sam, and a very tanned one at that. One of the highlights, food-wise of my time in Arrecife was at a charming restaurant called Naia Mikel Otaegui. Mikel is the chef here, and his kitchen delivers some impressive dishes that celebrate the local flavours of Spain and the Canary Islands.

Waterside dining

Naia is located on Avenue Cesar Manrique, along with most of the other restaurants in Arrecife! It’s easy to understand why though, the view of the water is unmissable and straight up fantastic. It’s exactly the kind of thing you’re looking for when you come to a place like this. The service at Naia was slow, but I’m starting to think this might be more of a feature with Canarian restaurants. I suppose London me needs to used to  island time.

Day to Night

I started off my evening with a single cocktail that lasted the entire mealtime. I make for a cheap date! Of the three courses I had, all three were superb. My bill came up to €30 and this is a deal to me. The starter with the Spanish tortilla with truffle oil and mushroom. The shroom-y smell when this pancake shaped field is glorious. It was different to what I was anticipating, I had always pictured tortillas being dry. Here we have a runny egg filling, lots of goo.

Modern Spanish cuisine

The ambience at Naia is nice. It got quite busy as the night wore on; the seats make for perfect waterside people watching. The food all comes speedily enough so there’s not always that much idle time. The last occasion I ordered Iberian pork I don’t recall overly enjoying it. But Naia’s version was so good. The meat is tender, a little pink – I Googled to make sure that was a good thing and it is. The special sauce is indeed special and the vegetables under the meat were mostly tasty, if not a touch on the salty side.

When I have a fabulous meal, I’m more inclined to carry on to the dessert course. And in this case I did. The soft cheese mousse with berries combines a mild, creamy taste with the sweet lashings of berry (secretly hidden at the bottom)

I was impressed with this dessert, it’s a more than perfect way to finish off my meal. Great stuff Naia!