H2O Juice Bar & Vegan Cafe, Corralejo, Canary Islands

H2O Juice Bar & Vegan Cafe, Corralejo, Canary Islands

I was reading my Lonely Planet guide to the Canary Islands when I stumbled upon the food section, with the author declaring it was a bit of a meat feast. Perhaps it’s a bit outdated but fortunately there are some options for vegetarians and vegans on the island of Fuerteventura. Right before my ferry I stopped at H2O Juice Bar & Vegan Cafe in Corralejo for a lighter bite.

Corralejo Vegan Eating

A cute little cafe, H2O Juice Bar is slightly hidden away in one of those town square setups. Correlajo was such a lovely spot for my two and a half days, I wish I had more time in this town, if only just to soak up the atmosphere a little more. And get some sun! Damn clouds. It was a quiet afternoon on my visit to H2O Juice Bar & Vegan Cafe, only a few other tables present making the most of the sun.

The menu is expansive not expensive, of course there’s the juices as well as sandwiches, burgers, salad and vegetable pastas. Sweet treats too. It all sounded so good, but I had to go with a burger as I needed a carb fix. There were three options with the burger, lentil, beetroot and aubergine – I went with the lentils because lentils are life.

Juiced up

H2O Juice bar is a cool spot to chill and people watch, even if there’s only one person at a time to look at in a town like this. I guess that makes it ‘person watching’? Now that sounds creepy. Less creepy are the staff at H2O Juice Bar & Cafe. The folks was great! I love me some island friendliness. All the juices are squeezed/ processed to order which is very nice, it offsets the slightly high pricing of the menu (relative to everything else, here that is).

The lentil burger was fantastic. The patty was a little on slim side, but a great combination of fresh ingredients and a very tasty vegan mayo. Not sure what it was but the creaminess was delightful. It’s the kind of meal you feel good about eating, and makes you feel good afterwards.

I had the vegan cake (orange and cinnamon maybe?) to finish off my afternoon but found this to be on the dry side. Okay but texture wasn’t the best. The fruit salad looked to have been a better option for something sweet.