Brunch & Cake, Barcelona

Brunch & Cake, Barcelona

Cake for breakfast? Things sure a little different here at Brunch & Cake in Barcelona. There’s a world of new possibilities after all, so why be bound by conventional brunches?I was on the hunt for a flashy brunch and this came up trumps on my Google-fu search. Some good reviews, some killer pics. There’s definitely wonder and excitement on the menu but the end chapter  isn’t quite as breath-taking.

I bravely did a trio of whimsical items, including the scrambled eggs and mac and cheese, cheesecake in a flowerpot and the black peanut butter latte. Such items hark back to the brunch cultures of Australia. So fancy. So colourful. So many edible flowers. Very White Mojo like. In a similar fashion Brunch & Cake comes across the same struggles, when aesthetics does not equate excellence.

Black Peanut Butter Latte

There is a lot to like. The spot is sunny, the service is prompt. My black latte ended up being more grey, I wanted to shout to the chef: “bring me more activated charcoal”. It needs to be a bit more blacker for that is what you are buying. The flowerpot cheesecake (€5.90) was my favourite part, but something that’s not a breakfast item. It’s dense and creamy and would hit the spot for an afternoon no doubt.

Brunch & Cake Cheesecake Flowerpot

I was most weirded out by the 11.50€ Iberico ham and potato scrambled eggs, mac n cheese, with sweet potato fries. It’s a food bingo of all the things I like, but they don’t go together. Some of the mac is a garnish and cold, and the bulk is used to fill half a loaf of bread. I don’t know how one would go about eating this. Macaroni cheese simply doesn’t go with scrambled egg at all. The sweet potato fries are the best part, but even this didn’t need the overcompensating heaping of parmesan.

In the words of Coco Chanel: “take at least one thing off”. You can keep Brunch & Cake on your list as I do believe there’s plenty of potential. The cakes (duh) looks wonderful and if they strip back some of their dishes I reckon it would be super.