Bilbao Berria, Barrio Gotico, Barcelona

Bilbao Berria, Barrio Gotico, Barcelona

The last week saw me finally jet-setting my way into Spain (though I should say Catalonia). My face and my stomach was excited to be arriving at the very temperate paradise of Barcelona. And it meant time for some Spanish-style eating!

The concept of pintxos were first introduced to me in the halls of Naked for Satan in Melbourne, and I recognise these anywhere. Barcelona has a few places like this but Bilbao Berria seemed liked the busiest of the bunch. It does help that it is in a more tourist area and like me, people are enticed in by the size of the crowd and platters. I love that it’s a quick option and reasonably easy on the wallet as most of this is carbs (read: very filling).

Blbao Berria Barcelona Review

Each standard pintxos costs €1.95. That’s simple. But when it comes to the art of selection, it becomes a terribly confusing affair. They don’t label what anything is! This is just a tiny bit outrageous. I had to ask the poor lady on each item what it contained. For example the croquette with jamon and the croquette with crab could not be told apart (by someone who didn’t work there). Some guests had allergies which also made it hard for them. I wouldn’t risk if I had an allergy. I just have a mild aversion to seafood so a lot of the (better looking) offering I couldn’t sample. I ended up with a mix of fried stuff, omelette and cheese. And a burger slider, ’cause, why not?

The bread’s a little too frequent for my liking and the quality was above average at best. Some stuff feels a bit fried out, others would have been nicer hotter. I guess that makes Bilbao Berria a fairly alright for a quick and (maybe) low-cost pick me up. Maybe there was success in some of the seafood options. Or from the busy a la carte option downstairs.


My favourite pintxos place is currently: Pix Pintxos, Soho, London