Zenith – Brunch & Cocktails Bar, Porto

Zenith – Brunch & Cocktails Bar, Porto

The busiest brunch place I came across in Porto was Zenith Brunch and Cocktails Bar. The queue is insane! I was looking for a morning pick up and Google pointed me here, with its combination of many and good reviews. Long story short: I didn’t think it was worth the wait.

Brunch with a wait

A few of the less well-received reviews of Zenith mentioned the staff being ignorant. This is very true! They couldn’t give a toss if you’re asking how long the wait is. They’re ‘busy’ and will try to ignore you. I wasn’t happy about this, so I’m not exactly sure what compelled me to come back the next day for a second try. The lure of a good brunch I suppose.

Well, it wasn’t going to be a try because I was going to make it in as I lined up at the restaurant BEFORE it opened. Other people did too, and we’d be the only ones on the day with the more painful wait. I don’t think they even managed the queue properly. For whatever reason people queued in two directions so it made for a messy affair as people contested they had been waiting longer.

Another quirk: the outside tables weren’t available until lunch service. Seems like a huge missed opportunity. The interior of Zenith is cost and is your typical brunch-type cafe. I can understand why it would be a haven for the locals, there wasn’t too many other dining spots that I found like this. Hip level = 100. And reflected in the staff and customers.

Pancake was flat

I wanted the tapioca pancake but for whatever reason, that was unavailable/ out of stock ALREADY. So I went for a standard pancake, with bacon and eggs. €6,5 is cheap, although I did find all of Porto such good value (and I don’t know what the local prices are like).

So it looks great, but I was disappointed by the pancake. It’s super dry and has a chewiness that doesn’t belong. It does belong in the dispensary of a McDonalds possibly. The sizzled, crispy egg is good, the bacon is good (and plentiful). Coffee was acceptable, not remarkable. But after all that mission of queueing, I didn’t get anything that merited. There’s quite a lot of staff on, but I found the service to be a real turn off too. Maybe there was more happiness to be found at the bottom of one of their smoothie bowls? Anyway, I’m off – bye!


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