Frankie Hot Dogs, Baixa, Porto

Frankie Hot Dogs, Baixa, Porto

How bloody good is the food in Porto? Even the hotdog stand impresses. But that’s unfair to Frankie Hot Dogs, it’s so much more than that. In fact, it feels like what I would imagine a perfect hotdog restaurant should look like. Ultra friendly staff, expansive, vegan-inclusive menus in hip, industrial surroundings.

Hot diggity dog

I tend to panic a bit for my final meal in a city. There’s a certain window that I need to get to the airport for, so any dining experience comes with a tinge of nerves as I weigh up how long a meal might actually take. That meant the speed of Frankie Hot Dogs was a massive appeal, but after eating it, I’d recommend it regardless.

On Zomato I could only see reviews in Portuguese, so hopefully this helps another traveler discover a local gem. On the surface Frankie might seem like a standard hot dog issue, but there’s lots of choices. As well as the full hot dog menu, there’s a wealth of sides to indulge in.

The staff member was super nice, and explained that all the dogs can be substituted with whatever sauce you like, and whatever dog you wanted! As well as frankfurters, they had soy, chicken, pork and maybe one more vegetarian/ vegan option that I’ve since forgotten. All the pre-determined combinations already sounded super delish. As I was craving some onions rings (but not too many), I knew exactly what I wanted.

Four fingers

The Frankie Four Fingers comes with onion rings, bacon, rocket and my selected condiments of mayo and honey mustard – as well as a chicken sausage. So happy when this came out. The sausage is nice, the bun is nice, the sauce is way messy but its gets so delicious. The hotdog wasn’t the quickest thing, but it was the longest thing either and I still had room for a dessert as well.

The basin in Frankie Hot Dogs’  toilet was cool, so I’ll imagine you get to see that since your hands will need cleaning. For €4,75 this is something I would jump back to eat.

Frankie Hot Dog pros: fast, friendly, customisable, yum!

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