Uki Uki, Śródmieście Południowe, Warsaw

Uki Uki, Śródmieście Południowe, Warsaw

My favourite meal was in Warsaw was a rather unexpected one. At the time of writing the highest rated place on Zomato is Uki Uki, a seemingly, low key ramen joint. Very nice interiors, a contemporary menu. It was also close by, I spent my early evening checking out Łazienki Park. I couldn’t have guessed it would be this good.

uki uki menu

My order was for the Serwowany Na Zimno (33zl) or Summer ramen. It’s served cold in a thick soup with sesame, lettuce, cucumber, egg, steak and pickled pink ginger. I haven’t had too may cold ramen, but it felt perfect for a hot and exhausting summer’s day here in Poland. And this was delish. The nutty and sweet stock is a delightful combination. The colder temperature of the broth also helps to avoid that dreaded eating sweat.

uki uki ramen

The ramen noodles have a perfect texture and there’s enough of them for sure. The toppings added to the dish and here at Uki Uki, they supply you with side garnishes so you can add even more sesame or spring onion to your liking. And the price is great. Service was friendly and although we couldn’t completely understand each other, we still got there in the end! As featured in the image above, the menu is in English so that gets one thing out of the way.

uki uki vegetable kushiage

I also had a side of the vegetable kushiage. This is gigantic single piece that was a lot of fun to pull apart. The vegetables are coated in the ideal tempura, so it’s crispy on every bite. It’s as big as it looks too, so one that’s best be shared. So at the end of trip I agree with the public and the critics. Uki Uki is great fun and a lovely dining experience worth checking out.


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