Coctail Bar Dom, Śródmieście Południowe, Warsaw

Coctail Bar Dom, Śródmieście Południowe, Warsaw

At the Coctail Bar Max, the drinks choose you. There isn’t actually a menu per se, the staff make them bespoke for the customer. And Coctail Bar Max & Dom Whisky as a place that’s as buzzing as the cocktails they dispense. It was a treacherous difficulty to find your way to get your order in. So expect some panic. The drinks come tall and embellished with over the top garnishes. That’s whole schtick.

Dare I say, that revelation was the sole reason I found myself in this venue. When it is your turn, the staff ask you to describe your spirit and taste preferences, and then work up some magic with a few pours and mixes. A perpetually active juicer means most of the drinks are fruit-based, very sweet.

The vision of the bar was to develop sophisticated and exotic cocktails. This would use exotic fruits, plenty of colours and a wild taste. By having each individual customer explain their desires, they tradeoff a bit of time for a bit of off the cuff invention. This is admirable, though the over the top presentation feels too much like a bucket list of fruits no-one’s heard of. Does it work? Kind of.

coctail dom and max

My final product was a gin and blackberry tipple that tasted like a velvety berry slushy. Not as refined as my usual go-tos in the universe of all cocktails (e.g. Gin Palace). But it is wonderful value at only 26zl and a more than generous serving size. I would have preferred something less sweet, it reminded me of those hurricanes back in the states. The fruit’s serious, this is like three of my five plus a day.

The sheer substance of sugariness means one drink will last you a good while. And that’s a handy thing, as it’ll take just that long to get back to the front of the counter. A fun little experience, no doubt with some mixed results.


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