Cupcake Corner, Śródmieście Północne, Warsaw

Cupcake Corner, Śródmieście Północne, Warsaw

Cupcake Corner is a specialist bakery chain here in Poland. There’s four stores and I hit up the Warsaw one. I wasn’t full from my earlier lunch and a sweet treat for the afternoon sounded perfect and poetic. Let’s see how the Poles fare. The ice-cream at Cupcake Corner looked fantastic, but at these prices I had to go for a full blown plated dessert. Why not, right?

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I should mention the decorated waffle cones also instantly impresses. I wanted to take a seat (padding!) and something plated was more up my alley on this day. The ice-cream section did look a bit better than what I had, plus the flavours are all sorts of interesting. Next time.

My choice was the Deser Lodowy (sundae) Red Velvet for 12zl. The red velvet ice-cream was fantastic, and the other flavours also looked real appealing. It’s all made to order and it’s quite efficient. In just a few minutes the assembled tower of red velvet arrives at my table.

Red velvet isn’t red by nature, it’s usually coloured by beetroot or other food colouring in more modern times. Back in the day, the original red was created from the acidic reaction of vinegar and buttermilk.

Cupcake Corner warsawBut I wasn’t sold on the cupcake that formed the bottom and top here at Cupcake Corner. It was a bit dry and made for a messy eat since it all collapses once you get in. I did like the red velvet flavours and the ice-cream in the middle was quite good. I don’t think this works as a sandwich, it’s designed to collapse upon the first dip of a spoon.

I’d definitely return to Cupcake Corner for the ice-cream though. The interior is warm and inviting and it’s in a handy location for a catch up with friends.


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