Nordvegan, Oslo

Nordvegan, Oslo

This weekend saw me spending a little bit of time in Norway’s capital of Oslo. I can’t say I knew too much of the place before landing. In terms of local cuisines the Norwegians are big fans of the sea, which isn’t quite aligned to my current eating preferences. I found a little bit of a sanctuary in Nordvegan.

As the name suggests, the cafe aligns itself to plant-based meals. I liked the design of the store with it’s clean lines and very Scandinavian features. It’s makes a nice retreat from the September rains. Like most vegan places they advocate making a healthier planet, making a healthier you, etc. It can get a little intoxicating but it comes with the package.

The menu at Nordvegan was more pared back than anticipated. There’s no menu, for example. It ends up being more of a food bar-style, with a few specials of the day. These are then combo-ed with your selection of salad-like items. For simplicity’s sake, I ordered the buddha bowl, which they choose and assemble for you (170 NOK). I got a little confused and wasn’t sure if ingredients were priced separately, but it kind of sounded like that was the case.

Nordvegan Buddha Bowl Review

On my day I had the very excellent sweet and sour with fried mushrooms. It wouldn’t have been my first choice (seems out of place) but I’m glad I had it. Heh, secretly I was trying to avoid ordering it at all. Glad I didn’t. It was super tasty and the wacky mix of toppings is inspired. I wouldn’t have pictured marinated eggplant, Japanese pickles, hoisin and cashews all being in the same bowl but it works and is a pleasure to eat.

I would have enjoyed a lot more of the mushrooms (fried stuff is still the best part, even in vegan eating). The lady after me knew the game, she simply asked for a few more and the staff were happy to oblige. Or too polite to say no. Nordvegan makes for a quaint little spot worth checking in Oslo. I’d be super keen to come back and see what their next buddha bowl specials are.


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