The Nighthawk Diner, Oslo

The Nighthawk Diner, Oslo

The Nighthawk Diner has an atmosphere that makes me feel as if I’m in a 50s American Noir thriller. I can imagine the protagonist detective sipping his filter coffee. Meanwhile, his foil is seated in the booth opposite. If anything, that speaks to the authenticity of the Nighthawk Diner. It’s style emulating that classic American diner experience. It’s open a wide range of hours from 7am to 12pm most days capturing all creatures of the morning and night.

I was the former and I popped in for Eggs Benedict for 135nk. The execution has its own nuances, with a side of fries and both ham and bacon on opposing buns. Also two zesty grapefruit slices adorn the plate. Other breakfast choices are inspired from all over the world. There’s pancakes, burritos, bagels, omelettes and a very jovial option called the Brexit bun.

The rest of the Nighthawk menu offers burgers, sandwiches, steaks, shakes and other American-type specialities. The service was at a rather cosy and not the friendliest. I suppose that also mirrors some of the signature diner experience. But it wasn’t a great Eggs Benedict.

The Hollandaise has a overt sourness that wasn’t enjoyable. And as this is a dish that revolves around the success of this domineering element, it is crucial. Having ham and bacon wasn’t quite as entertaining as I had first imagined, and the English muffin has a bit of an odd taste to it. It’s a good size and you won’t start the day on a half empty stomach.

The fries were fun, and I’m glad I had the chance to nibble on these so early in the day. Despite the review of the food on this occasion, I wouldn’t be diametrically opposed to a return. The Nighthawk Diner has a cool vibe and at another hour, I’d probably not be so fussy on the quality of the food. In a way it reminds me of an American filtered version of Regency Cafe.