Asia, Aker Brygge, Oslo

Asia, Aker Brygge, Oslo

Venture into the East with a meal at the South East-inspired Asia Aker Brygge. This waterfront restaurant offers exotic dishes with a twist, served in small portions that are ideal for sharing. I head in for one of my dinnertimes whilst visiting Oslo and I found the food to be fair, but not otherworldly. The service is fantastic and the venue is cosy, but I did find it too tame compared to the fiesta of flavours I’m usually used to.

Asia Aker Brygge

Asia in Oslo

Asia, and the other restaurants that mark the Aker Brygge are massive in size. There’s space for up to 240 guests and I had my pick of the bunch for this meal too. Whilst it was a typical cold Oslo evening, there was plenty of heaters and blankets about to make al fresco dining just as comfortable. The design of the space is inspired, if not a touch borderline Asian fetish.

asia menu

Like the size of the restaurant, the menu is positively humongous. It’s an experience that’s designed to be shared, with the plates being small in the size. This is a good touch to allow everyone to get a sample of these exotic delicacies. And it is for this part of the world. Where I’m from, where we’ll accustomed to eating from diverse parts of the world but there’s less options and influences here. The only downside is, that the sharing doesn’t work so well for the solo traveller.

asia beef

I’ll drink to that

I started my night off with the Lady Boi cocktail (ugh, cringe to order though). This was a gin-based cocktail with lychee, lime and a few other ingredients that I couldn’t be bothered translating. Tantalising though. I ordered two items to make up m main course. First up was the Tamarind glazed sirloin (195 krone).  This sliced beef comes with a yuzu sauce with shallots and ginger. This, I liked. The beef is perfectly cooked with the invigorating sweetness of the tamarind balancing out the dish. It’s beautifully fanned on the plate and it felt like a decent size.

asia curry

There wasn’t anything inherently disturbing about the Khao soi chicken noodle curry (168 krone). The coconut milk-based curry just didn’t have anything to it. I would have liked if it had much more a kick, or a few more savoury twists. It tasted too clean, whereas my favourite curries taste like a pot where a gazillion things have been melted in.

Asia aker brygge oslo

Finishing notes

Inside the restaurant is even more photogenic, and it’s worth grabbing a window-side seat to admire the traffic of the waterfront. I had a bit of a break before dipping into something for dessert, which was a massive success. Off the back of the waitress’ recommendation, I had the Thai banana cake. This is served with vanilla and coconut cream, along with mango sorbet and mango puree.

asia thai banana cake

This was so good, eh? Its like banana bread that’s just been taken out from the oven and serve with the perfectly tropical partners. It’s not a huge portion (more cupcake-like, than cake) so this might be one to keep to yourself. So overall I had a great time at Asia. The food’s interesting for the most part, but may have got unlucky on the curry. There is plenty more avenues to explore, so bring along some friends to Asia and tell me what else is good!


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