Albert Bistro, Stranden, Oslo

Albert Bistro, Stranden, Oslo

I ended doing a lot of dining at Aker Brygge for my three days in Oslo. No doubt there would be better, more authentic experiences in town, but I couldn’t get pass my obsession with the beauty of the waterfront. What better way to enjoy a mealtime and see the world pass by? Albert Bistro was my lunch target for this day. It’s a casual restaurant with French stylings, an open kitchen and a very French menu on offer.

Oslo waterfront dining

Restaurants on the waterfront inevitably attract a volume of the tourist folk, and Albert Bistro was no different. Whilst the service was in some ways (read: all ways) very lacking, I could help but feel bad for the staff who were so clearly run off their feet. I have a strong memory of asking for water three or four times. It haunts my at nights. I may have been better off helping myself from the bathroom. Bleh but it does the job and it’s the same thing.

A touch of Paris

The food is more reliable. Amongst all the tantalising dining options, I opted for the steak sandwich. The breakfast menu looked exquisite (and very French), but unfortunately I was too late for that. Dang that whole sleeping in, being lazy thing. I’ll work on it. Eventually.

Coffee started off my time at Albert Bistro. Nothing remarkable, or offensive for that matter.

But things took a solid bounce of improvement once my steak sandwich made it to the table. The thing was a piece of beauty and check out that sunshiny Béarnaise! Really good meat, a twist of pickles and a rich gravy binds all the components together oh so happily. I loathe the basket of the fries (where’s We Want Plates?) but the chips are also good. And then there’s the lovely view to enjoy it all by.

Review roundup

Albert Bistro is a nice option for Aker Brygge, there’s plenty of competition in the neighbourhood. Overall the service was a bit too shit, but the food almost made up for it.