Hemelse Modder, Amsterdam

Hemelse Modder, Amsterdam

My final meal in Amsterdam was in the Lonely Planet recommended Hemelse Modder. Also known as Heavenly Mud, the name comes from its signature dessert. We were dining at a late lunch hour and were a bit sceptical at first as the area was deserted. Granted, it is quite hidden away from the usual tourist traps.

Amsterdam invention

But we needn’t had worried. Our time in the Netherlands concluded with a grand showcase of inventive Dutch cookery.  We left with flowing praise for Dutch cuisine. We were the only cover at this time, so the service was top notch. The food also came out not long after ordering. I’d hope this place is busier in the evenings as the menu is modern, the experience satisfying and overall, one that surely deserves an audience.

hemelse modder outside amsterdam

Delightful, unique

Their lunch offering shows off a few of their favourite dishes from the evening set menu, as well as soups, sandwiches, sides, platters, salads and more. We started off with the meat platter with lamb sausage, smoked goose breast and Ganda ham (€12). Fantastic presentation and an enviable array of top notch proteins. This was my first occasion eating goose and I’m pleased to have done so after being chased by a goose back in London. And the meat is tender, with the thin layer of fat being melt-in-your-mouth goodness. The ham added a savoury tenderness and the mini sausages had crisp skin and tender meat.

hemelse modder fries mayo

We couldn’t leave without a last taste of more frites, and these were frite-ing awesome. Hand cut and thick cut potatoes fried beautifully with the European staple of mayo for dipping. And there’s a lot of these Dutch fries for only €4.

corn biscuit hemelse modder amsterdam

We shared a warm dish of crispy corn biscuit with Dutch cheese, turnips, paprika chutney, peas, onion and mustard herb dressing. I’ve since realised the Europeans adore their paprika. I never thought to use it at home, but here its always on menus and is a flavour of chips and that’s a very good thing. There wasn’t a lot of the corn cake for €18 but the seasonings are delightful and it made for a hearty, vegetarian dish.

heavenly mud dessert amsterdam

The namesake dish

And then it was time for the Hemelse Modder itself. This is a combo of milk and white chocolate mousse. And dare I say it’s the best mousse I’ve had to date. So creamy, so rich, it’s miles apart from the store mix. The dollop of white chocolate mousse is also a treat – I’ve always been a fan of the paler stuff. Heavenly mud indeed.