Snooze, Luxembourg

Snooze, Luxembourg

The experience takes a while so you might actually have a snooze whilst at Snooze. That is in jest, but our time at Snooze in Luxembourg did feel like a long one. We did have the pre-warning that the burgers would take twenty minutes, but coupled with slow service, the time waiting did feel significant. Is it worth the wait? Read on and find out!

Perhaps it was the thoughts on our impending flight home compounding our unusual lack of patience. The menu is extensive. As well as all the classic beef burgers, there’s also chicken, fish and vege-based options. The overwhelm of options include the sides and sauces too. There’s waffle fries, polenta chips, onion rings, sweet potato fries and something called twisters. I should have found what the latter was. There’s also fourteen different accompanying sauces with seven of those being mayo! The diversity of options is quite something special.

Snooze is bought to you by two Luxembourgish entrepreneurs and also doubles up as a solid sports bar with a massive screen as well as a massive selection of drinks.

My selection was the Sweet Honey Burger (€18.50) with polenta fries and an Aperol spritz. As far as burgers go, there’s one are hefty. Patties are enormous (partially explains the wait) and it’s loaded with bacon, cheese and the super sweet sauce.


The polenta fries were a little more boring than I anticipated, so I stole a fair few of Craig’s curly ones. Oh yeah, I guess that’s what the twister was. I enjoyed the very medium rare patty (not medium rate!), but the crusty bun wasn’t one of my favourites. The sauce is nice, different to the type I’m thinking of, a good level sweetness which made the Honey burger live up to its moniker. Sweet dreams.

We were meant to have some dessert after, but was worried about the additional wait time. Lucky for us, there was Oberweis waiting for us at the airport!