Oberweis, Luxembourg

Oberweis, Luxembourg

Not to be confused with the American dairy fast-food chain, Oberweis is a national treasure in Luxembourg City. The sweet treasures of this patisserie-traiteur will lure you in, but the a la carte meals are something special too. Part of my almost had a meltdown when I thought I missed out sampling their sweet selection. But fortunately the fates were on my side – Oberweis also have a store at the airport. Yay! So there’s no excuse for missing out. With a history spanning over 50 years the Oberweis brothers have carried on with the talent and inspiration that their family started.

Oberweis Luxembourg Omelette

Oberweis has six stores in total across the city, so there’s plenty of chances for all you gourmands. As well as classical items offered year round, there are also seasonal and more experimental items. For this lunchtime I dined in and ordered the hefty chicken vol-au-vent. My counterpart went for the omelette with fries and salad. Unlike the one I sampled in Brussels, this vol-au-vent was miles better. The pastry is golden, buttery and crisp. The overflowing filling is creamy with proper chunks of chicken and mushroom. The winds of the city cooled my dish a little too quickly, but nothing beats dining al fresco in weather like this.

There’s plenty here and the dish has a balance of those classical French tastes. There’s a touch of sweetness from the white wine that hits the back of your tongue in a most pleasing way. I couldn’t quite fit it all in which was a shame as wanted to sample even more. If you are ready for more, there’s a whole five or so cabinets waiting for you. The cabinets are lined with beautiful, sophisticated patisserie.

Oberweis Savoury Luxembourg

The was the first time that I saw so much savoury options on offer too, this is a nice departure from the usual business. In a way it reminds me of Brunetti from back home, but the quality is a considerable step up. A must visit if you’re in Luxembourg, and a hallmark of the city for sure.

Bonus: so I also went to Oberweis at the airport. It made me very happy to see it! I had two things, to make up for lost time. And also, greediness. One was a chocolate cheesecake and the other is called a Kalamansi. They were both about the €5 mark. And more importantly, they were both delicious. While the taco-like Kalamansi might look encase in a cookie shell, it’s actually super soft. Which is grand, it didn’t feel like a heavy eat. Inside it there’s like sponge, cream, and an actual cookie. Both were utterly delicious and an ideal send off for our weekend in Lux.

oberweis cake

oberweis cookie