Kamakura, Luxembourg

Kamakura, Luxembourg

You can find the best Japanese in Luxembourg at Kamakura, named after the former capital of Japan. I have some difference on opinion on the rating of Michelin Bib Gourmand. That award has a price cap of €40 and that would get easily surpassed on the food alone. That doesn’t mean I’m not a happy camper. I did find the food and the experience excellent, but not perfect, with a few unfortunate hiccups here and there.

Kamakura Luxembourg Review

The restaurant has quite a reputation with a full house and a few culinary awards on the racks too. We were lucky to slip in without a booking. The essence of Kamakura is in low-key Japanese cuisine with simple, understated presentation.

Duck Salad Entree Kamakura

My friend Craig went for the Kamo: roasted duck breast with sautéed mushrooms and salad (€26), with a starter of tempura (£15). I started with the roasted duck salad (€9.50) and the Sukiyaki-nabe (€27).

Duck Main Kamakura

Craig’s duck main was almost identical to my duck entree. So this repetition seemed a bit disappointing. We would have aimed to have ordered a bit more diversely had we known. It was a fair salad, with a tasty dressing but nothing completely mind blowing. I was quite a fan of the sukiyaki, it’s been a while since I’ve had one. The one at Kamakura was overpoweringly sweet, I haven’t had such a sugary one before. The preparation was a little different. The broth comes with all the beef and components already in. Of the few times I’ve had sukiyaki it’s always been seperate. I don’t know what’s the more traditional style but it’s a moot point. I didn’t mind too much, and with all sukiyaki, it’s filling with lots going on.

Kamakura Suikyaki Pot Luxembourg

So overall I was a fan of the dish despite it’s level of sweetness. The service was polite, with a few nerves. I didn’t walk out feeling fully attended to (not a biggie) but it took a little bit to get the check. So whilst Kamakura might be the best of the batch here in Luxembourg, there are a few better Jap options in other patches.


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