Taste Food Co. Cafe, Dublin

Taste Food Co. Cafe, Dublin

My second day in Dublin had me struggling to find a proper brunch option. Everything didn’t seem quite ready to be up and about this Sunday morning. I had pre-booked tickets for the Book of Kells (kind of have to, really) and needed something quick and en-route to the attraction. In came the Taste Cafe, which is brought to you by the Taste Food Company. There’s plenty of seating indoors and out, and the food comes quick so it was exactly what I was looking for.

A Taste of Dublin

Open from 7am every day, the Taste Cafe is a godsend for those of us earlybirds who just need to eat first thing in the morning. As it turns out, the server was a fellow Antipodean, and recognised my accent! I also recognise a good coffee when I see one, and the one from Taste Cafe was solid.

taste coffee

Almost France

The menu at Taste cafe is pleasantly diverse. Egg options, pancakes, French toast, and various breakfast bowls. Whatever standard breakfast issue you’re craving, the Taste cafe is likely to have you covered. My eyes darted to the breakfast croques and I made my decision on that. Back then, they didn’t have listed what was inside, as I would have done without the tomato relish if I knew earlier, bleh. I’m just not a tomato fan and didn’t think it really belonged in this sandwich. That being said, I know a good dozen people who would much prefer it this way.

taste croque madame

Off for the day

The slices of bread are gigantic, so I didn’t really mind foregoing that second slice of toast. It wasn’t my favourite croque madame (see Depot Legal) but it was enough for this morning. Lots of melty cheese, halved sausage (a non-traditional French inclusion by a long shot). Along with friendly service and plenty of seating, it’s a good venue to have for a backup option.