Dublin My Vision: Highlights of the City

Dublin My Vision: Highlights of the City

Last year I spent a July weekend in Dublin, the capital of Republic of Ireland. It’s a fascinating city with a chequered history, populated with some of the most resilient yet delightful people you’ll ever come across. Culture, food, nightlife and history. Read on for my highlights of Dublin and head out to the Emerald isle for a craic!

Donut worry

I’ve never seen so many donuts shops in a city! This makes me very happy. Dublin has a tremendous eating scene, and there’s great bites to be had everywhere. I really rated the brunch game at Brother Hubbard.

The tarts from Queen of Tarts are second to none.

Guinness to be sure

My friend Stu managed to get us free entry to the Guinness Storehouse (family works there, of course). Although I’ve never been massively into the brew that is Guinness, that sure did all change once I got to the top! Its funny actually. You spend a good half an hour or so working you way up to the tour, learning about the process, their marketing, and then it all culminates into the most satisfying beverage I have ever tasted in my life. And everyone around is doing the same!

And once you’re at the peak you’re spoiled in two ways: a view of Dublin and a taste of a proper pour. There’s certainly something quite different about getting the sip, in a place like this. That being said, it’s not an flavour for everyone, and quite a few of our neighbours were happy to offload their drinks to us. And we were happy to take them!

Art for free

The National Gallery of Ireland is completely free to enter! And it’s well worth your time, and a bonus if the weather turns against you. Spoiler alert: this is likely to happen. The general collection is lovely, plenty to see and well laid out without suffering any of the crowds. Around the corner you can find a statue of Oscar Wilde.

Head to the Temple

More than 160 years old, Temple Bar is both the name of a pub and a neighbourhood in Dublin. It packs a bustling crowd with loud music, littered with locals and tourists alike. The flowering baskets make it picture perfect, so well worth a swing into.

Temple Bar is one of the busier drinking quarters of Dublin, although you can’t go too far without walking past a pub. There’s one on every corner. They have their own character, so it’s worth hitting up a few hangouts.

Along the River Liffey there’s quite a few floating bars, that might make for a quaint retreat from the crowds and give you a chance to admire the water views.

A little fun in Dublin

The only museum I hit up in Dublin with the Little Museum of Dublin and this was a super cute experience. It’s a small venue as the name suggests, but the tour is very personal with a guide talking you through some select histories. Fascinating and very intimate.

There’s also a bonus walking tour of St Stephen’s Green that follows after the tour. A little slow for my tastes, but the guide is super passionate and well, it’s already included!

St Stephen’s Mall features some nice architecture as well as some shopping options. Quite a bit was closed on the Sunday though. It was also handy for the bathroom, I recall there was a coin entry.

Book of Kells

Trinity College is one of the most prestigious universities in Europe, nonetheless Ireland. And it is steeped in a rich history, first being founded in 1592. It’s worth spending some time checking out the hallowed grounds before making your way to the Old Library to visit the Book of Kells. A very popular tourist attraction, but not quite as major as the Guinness Storehouse.

The book itself is only ever opened onto a few pages, so you don’t see a lot per se. And make sure to book in advance, the queues are insane here. People do flow in and out, so take your time at the exhibition. Although a very short experience, it felt entirely worthwhile learning about how special this piece of history is. The (working) library itself is also magnificent.

And that’s my little wrap of Dublin! Such a wonderful city, heaps to city within the city borders itself, but I’m hoping to see more of the country another time. Fantastic people, fantastic city and you’ll bound to have a good time.