Mai Thai Market & Bistro, Reykjavík

Mai Thai Market & Bistro, Reykjavík

Everything is so expensive in Reykjavik so all my eating out was restricted to (relative) cheap eats. This strategy did pay off, I found some great stuff without too much damage to the ol’ savings account. One of my highlights was the hearty curry from Mai Thai Market and Bistro.

Icelandic curry

Mai Thai Market & Bistro is unique – it’s a Thai restaurant that also doubles as an Asian grocery store. I was surprised to see Asian food (somewhat) popping up in Rekyavik, but there you go. For me, it’s a welcome sight as I’m not so into the fishy things or the fancy things. The only shame is that the grocery part is sectioned off in the evenings, not that I was intending on doing any cooking.

It’s a good stop if you need to stock up on supplies for a road trip. It’ll bring some exotic flavours to accompany whatever else you might get in the grocery. The service is super friendly and warm at Mai Thai, they know you’re a tourist and even if you’re only here once, they’re gonna do their best to make it a damn good one.

Prices are hot

I order one of the curries and that’s just under 2,000 Icelandic Króna. Yes, that translates to $23AUD or $25NZD but it’s still cheaper than the other eating out options. And it’s a really good curry – with heart shaped rice and good ratio of meat and other fillings.

There’s really friendly staff and a wholly satisfying meal, it did rank amongst the curries I’ve had around the world so don’t go in expecting a subpar product.

If I do head over to Iceland again, and I probably will as I need to catch the Northern Lights eventually, I might opt for cooking myself. But treats like this curry will sway me on the odd occasion. A little tip for Iceland: taking your own food over for your trip will massively help manage your spend, as anything there is imported and going to sting almost as much as dining out. Or just bring lots of money.