Stika, Budapest

Stika, Budapest

If you liked it, you should have Stika fork in it. Stika in District VII of Budapest is a very hip coffee and brunch joint that’s popular with the locals. So popular they even ran out of half the menu on the following day when I visited! The cafe’s setting is familiar with industrial chic screaming from the interior. Lots of natural light and a rather serene atmosphere as the crowds hadn’t settled yet. What can I say? I enjoy an early morning start to make the most of my holiday days.

Stika Budapest Cafe Review Coffee

So there wasn’t a hell of a lot of options but I was quite content with my breakfast platter. According to the staff, they had a very busy Saturday. This is a good sign. But also annoying as couldn’t quite get my first or second choice in beverage. I settled on an iced coffee concoction because it was so hot in Budapest on this day!

The Stika breakfast platter features bacon, egg, sausages, salad, mustard and sliced bread. The little Hungarian-style sausages aren’t usually my cup of tea, but they’re alright. I did enjoy the rind of bacon and everything else is quite good too. Egg is crispy. Bread slices are fresh. And there’s salad. There is a nice level of zing-iness (is that a word?) to the pickled onions. They add a vinegar element  to this cornucopia of all food items. You know what? There’s a lot of flavour variety on this plate without even realising. The mustard is fresh and a good home make.

I liked the service at Stika a lot. And the setting. It’s a nice little spot if you need to plonk yourself down for some daytime planning. Like I did. And like I do. A similar styled option is Cafe Cirkusz. The two founders of Stika have unmistakable bow ties and a caricature of them adorns the cafe’s walls, that’s adorable. The wall also shows their second focus of Stika: wine. So it might be worth finishing your day here as well. I hear their burgers are something special and there’s a good range of wine. Including lots of family-run wineries as well. Coffee and wine is a most admirable combo and it just sounds efficient.

Stika Budapest Storefront