Desszert Neked, Budapest

Desszert Neked, Budapest

Don’t get too excited, “neked” is Hungarian for “to you” and nothing to do with being nude. Luckily, I dressed appropriate. Of course, you can get excited about Desszert Neked as they offer some stunning patisserie and ice-cream. It’s a very cool joint. And I also mean cool (also) in the literal sense.

The blasting air con in conjunction with the delectable treats makes for a most welcome reprieve for a scorching afternoon in Budapest. It’s a Hungarian cafe with the menu being based on the sophisticated French desserts with local influences. My stomach and I have become very accustomed to this style of eating. I only sampled a single cake on my visit to Desszert Neked, but they also offer macarons, tarts, ice-cream and mousses as well as more traditional Hungarian desserts.

Dessert Neked Budapest Review

There’s a lot of play with colours, flavours and shapes as you can see in the cabinet. This ultimately makes for a thoughtful and inspired aesthetic, and taste.

Dessert Neked Cherry Cake

At Desszert Neked they’re quite light on the descriptions. I know that my cherry topped cake was called a LaRouge. And it was yum. The core is a cherry jelly, in a berry mousse, in a chocolate mousse, with a sponge and jam base. There’s a cherry glaze and white chocolate garnish. It all makes a little more sense when you starting slicing in. And really, all you need to know is that it was good and you should leave the house right now and fly here and try it.

Dessert Neked Budapest Cake

It was a very tasty dessert and completely on par with similar offerings to places I’ve frequented. It’s a easy, airy dessert that isn’t too sweet or heavy and is perfect on the tastebuds. Desszert Neked forms a good dessert pick for Budapest, and I’d love to have tried a few more of what was on offer. These are so much better than what they’re dishing up so haphazardly at the New York Cafe. Desszert Neked open quite late hours from 9am to 9pm on every day of the week. And confession: I was there at 9am due to my itinerary for the day!