Cafe Cirkusz, District VII, Budapest

Cafe Cirkusz, District VII, Budapest

After being dropped off by my shuttle bus in a seemingly random location, I staggered over to Cafe Cirkusz before I completely collapsed from starvation. Fret not, there is some hyperbole there. At a later afternoon hour, there isn’t much of a crowd at Cafe Cirkusz, so I could get my food in minutes.

Cirkusz is a modern café in the heart of Budapest and it was easy to get to from where I found myself. They offer a weekly changing menu including all day breakfast, lunches and dinners. One of the areas they do take pride in is their coffee. Their equipment is world-class and the baristas are well trained, even picking up awards from back home! I didn’t get to sample the coffee on this adventure as I opted for something a bit cooler for the summer.

When in Hungary, eat like the Hungarians right? I went with the Hungarian country-side breakfast (1800 HUF) option. This seemed like a simple, non-heavy start to the day. Plus with the word Hungarian it gave me some illusion that I was eating like the locals.

This no-cook plate comes with duck liver pate, sausage, ham, butter, toast and vegetables. Nice and clean, easy to eat. I like the sausage (slices) and ham, these made for a charcuterie-like sandwich. The meat was very tasty. I had no idea what the yellow capsicum-like vegetables were. It was only later at the markets that I learned this was actual paprika. And then I was like… ohhh.

The duck pate was alright, but not as creamy as some of the more fancy ones that I have had (and loved). The brown bread was also good, served warm and there’s plenty on the plate to keep you fill. It’s a very different breakfast to the coconut French toasts back home. Simple, understated and not fussy. A perfect way to start your time in a new city without feeling like you’ve already had a food baby. Similar level brunch option: Stika