WonderWaffel, Cologne

WonderWaffel, Cologne

WonderWaffel is a unique concept chain originally hailing from Berlin. At the WonderWaffel stores you can encounter an explosion of senses to your palate. Essentially, it’s a dessert house with make-your-own waffle combinations. One of the key brand signatures, is well, they put an actual signature on your dessert. I visited the Cologne store for an end of day treat and whilst it was a fun experience, it didn’t present as much wonder as I was hoping for.

Sweet German ending

I like the location and branding of WonderWaffel. It’s so bright and bubbly, it’s like cotton candy in a building form. It was a hip spot for the locals, lots of young ‘uns, with a bit of a crowd this late Saturday evening. I guess I didn’t mind the wait, I didn’t have any better places to be. All the service is in German so I kept things simple by choosing one of their pre-selected combinations and this worked a treat.

wonder waffel menu

The options truly are endless at WonderWaffel. There’s chocolate-ly ones, fruit ones, candy ones, even a few protein-focused ones for good measure. Gotta build up those guns, right? There’s also coffee, milkshakes, freakshakes and ice-cream. The usual dessert things. But everyone was here for the waffles. Once you’ve made your order you take a seat and they bring it around to you split quick. The service was so nice here. I was short a few euro cents and the guy was all fine with that, so thank you to him!

wonder waffel

Sincerely, yours

I had a feeling this was going to be the case, but the waffles are a bit of a letdown. Whilst its freshly ‘assembled’ on order, it didn’t taste warm or even that fresh. The fillings are nice enough, but nothing outside the usual or is particularly exciting. Maybe the white chocolate spread of nutella ones would have been more thrilling? It’s a cute, little personal touch that the cook (server?) does write your name on the plates. I guess this is what makes Starbucks so successful and why the lot of people like to come here. There were lots of smartphones about. But for a place called Wonder Waffel, the waffle needs to be en pointe and it simply wasn’t.