Mabuhay Indonesian Restaurant, Berlin

Mabuhay Indonesian Restaurant, Berlin

One of the most humble and unique dining experiences I’ve had this year! Mabuhay Indonesian Restaurant in Berlin was a place I know very little about, but became a place I wanted to know a lot more about. Such good food at a low price, in a unique setting.

Alfresco dining

Well, to start with – I’m not sure how to classify the dining area for Mabuhay. I think it’s outside in a carpark? Which is perfect for summer but who knows what happens if its gets dark, windy or rainy. No worries anyway, other than the fact there is a wait for a table. It’s a busy place!

The gentlemen who runs (owns?) the restaurant makes me think it’s a decidedly family affair. (I think) his wife is Indonesian and this is the business that they’ve started together. He’s very friendly and we have a good chat before I get to dine.

I’m loving these prices! There’s a great selection of Indonesian menu items as well as some other Asian fusion influences. There’s plenty to tickle your fancy, and everything else that I’ve seen around me looks splendid.

I get a starter and it’s the fried tofu. Mmmm yum, I hadn’t had tofu in a little while and this hits all the right spots. Even the sauce is a pleasant surprise. I was worried it was going to be some sweet chilli thing which I’d begrudgingly enjoy but it’s much better than that!

Stick it in me

Food comes out lighting quick which was amazing as I had my booking for the Reichstag all lined up for after. All my friends back in London have heard me moaning about the difficulty in finding a good satay… and I finally found it here in Berlin! Mabuhay’s version has a lovely nutty richness and as well as the five sticks you get salad, rice and prawn crackers. London is surely missing some Indonesian food goodness.

I was so blown away by Mabuhay. Super cheap eating that felt down to earth with the benefit of being outside as well. The owner was super friendly and it’s nice that its all backed up with top notch cuisine. Check it for a cheap eat in Berlin.