Freddy Schilling – Die Hamburger Manufaktur, Cologne

Freddy Schilling – Die Hamburger Manufaktur, Cologne

Time for another burger review! On this weekend I was in Cologne (or Köln) and was massively hungry after spending the day at Kölner Zoo. Looking at all those animals all morning and afternoon left me, well, salivating! Freddy Schilling – Die Hamburger Manufaktur stands for homemade burgers made from sustainably grown ingredients. And dang! Was it great, one of my top burgers. I had the goat cheese with beef patty and such a happy mix of cheese, honey and meat.

freddy schilling cologne

Freddy’s time

The restaurant stands as a tribute a German burger pioneer, Freddy Schilling, hence the name. There’s two stores here in Cologne. With the focus on ingredients, their patties are made from 100% organic beef. There’s a limited but cool mix of burger options and sides that make this a more interesting burger experience.

It was a lovely afternoon with some decadent outdoor seating on offer. I ended up sharing a table with a pleasant local family. Not much in the way of English, but they congratulated me on my burger selection, as it was their favourite too. Mine (or ours) was called the Ziegenpeter (€9,80) and features goat’s cheese, rocket, honey, green apple and onions.

freddys burger

Burger love

Freddy Schilling delivers such a massive burger and there’s a huge slice of the goat cheese. Possibly a little heavy in that regard, but I loved the mix of sweet that made this beef burger stand out. The patty in isolation, is also very good.

Other burger options include a hawaiian, one with an Italian sauce and a BBQ themed one. The purist is simple with just the patty and onion. If you’re vegan they do an option and that will also save you a handy euro on the standard price.

freddy schilling

Get saucy

Side fries were only €2,50 for a small and also yum. Hand cut and there were some tasty dipping sauces on offer. I can’t even remember which one I got, but each one is 0,50€-0,80€ and are true to the original recipes by Alfred Schilling. Free refills too!

One sauce features garlic, herbs and cream cheese and another is a tomato-infused mayonnaise with mustard, shallots, pickled and herbs. The Germans certainly do know their way around a good sauce!

Nice setup, loved being able to set outside in the sun with an ice-cold lemonade. Funnily enough, there were no English menus at the store so I simply looked it up online. Freddy Schilling = burger heaven!