Benedict, Berlin

Benedict, Berlin

In Berlin I was staying at Max Brown Ku’Damm (I should write about that, it’s a real nice place. Pricey, but nice) and they had an adjoining brunch bar called Benedict. This place was an all day affair and it was always packed. I’m talking PACKED. At wacky, late, random hours. I spied a spot during a more regular brunch hour and headed in to start my day right.

Brunch time

I had high expectations of the place given the queues in the evening for their unmistakably breakfast goodies. Possibly too highly, as I found the overall experience a little on the clumsy side. The food took it’s sweet while and was kind of weird to eat in the end. But I should disclose that I did make the choice of the egg (omelette) balls. Let me explain.

The menu at Benedict has lots of traditional brunch items, sweet stuff, avocado stuff, things with eggs. And the omelette balls sounded the most eclectic, and the most original. It’s an innovation from the Benedict kitchen and sees your egg served in delightful circle shapes.

At €16,5 (for the mushroom option) the egg ball might seem initially extravagant, but that price includes a mimosa or hot drink, a little salad, as well as an unlimited bread basket. Yass! The bread from Benedict is undeniably delicious, it’s warm, I could have got my fill just on this. However the main egg circles didn’t blow me away. It’s fun but ends up not tasting that different to your run of the mill omelette. The sauce is good, I like the sauce.


I wasn’t enamoured with the service at Benedict, this probably was the only offputting factor for me. It too so long to grab someone to get the bill and get away. Can’t talk to the maitre d, she only sits. Can’t talk to the runner. Can’t talk to my actual server, she’s blasted off her feet. Perhaps a different menu selection could have served me well, but I wasn’t seeing anything too out there: actual omelette, salads, eggs, pancake, cereal.

Otherwise, I still enjoyed the fun of Benedict – it’s much more fun with a crowd (mimosas all round!) and the convenience of being in theMax Brown Ku’Damm hotel is a mega plus.