Bei Oma Kleinmann, Cologne

Bei Oma Kleinmann, Cologne

The best ever Schnitzel that I’ve eaten to date was courtesy of Bei Oma Kleinmann in Cologne, Germany. This was the recommendation of my dear brother and it was gobsmacking tasty. The schnitzels are bigger than your face and tastier than you could ever imagine.

Schnitzel love

Schnitzel is a dish of Austrian origin, but became very popular in Germany following the second world war. Here it is usually made out of pork, veal and turkey are less common variants. The schnitzel is served with French fries, potato mash or wedged potatoes.

Bei Oma Kleinmann

Bei Oma Kleinmann is a rustic, corner pub in Cologne that is widely renowned for its tasty schnitzels. The venue itself is small and something of a sauna, but the crowds pile in for the delicious fillets as well as the local brews. The name comes from the former cook and landlady Paula Kleinmann who started the foundations of the current store back in 1949.

Bei Oma Kleinmann salad

Authenticity that stands the test of time

That history’s plastered along the walls of Bei Oma Kleinmann for you to admire whilst you wait your food. I ordered one of the more classical schnitzel options that came with gravy. First to the table is the already giant side salad, so you can nibble on that before the main event arrives.

Bei Oma Kleinmann schnitzel

It’s at this point you should realise just how large these schnitzels are. The meats been tenderised from a good ol’ pounding. And once you cut off your first, crispy piece, you can admire that as well. It’s one of the first schnitzels for me that has tasted just as crunchy as crispy on both sides. Usually it’s one or the other. The meat is tender, the gravy has a lovely, hearty savouriness to it. It’s a schnitzel that’s simply done to perfection.

Must try for Cologne

Alas, it’s a portion-size that’s difficult for one mouth to finish and that’s not including the very cheap beers that come around in discs. The glasses are small, well, tiny. So you go through a few pints of the low % tonic over the course of the evening.