Sandyan Pâtisserie, Toulouse

Sandyan Pâtisserie, Toulouse

Sandyan is the kind of venue which I walk past, then determinedly u-turn and walk back into. We were already encountering a bother of rain, so I didn’t need any more telling. And the patisserie here is flat out incredible. The cabinets with single items are a bit pompous, but they take nothing away from how fantastic the food is designed and created. Tables for dining in are upstairs and there is service, albeit it is a little slow.

The sweet life: my addiction to the sugary stuff as well as 🧀🍷 means I can’t find myself in a better place than in 🇫🇷. Every plate and dish is playful, full of colour, modern and a real feast for all the senses. Here’s just a few shots over the last while that I love looking back on: all are desserts bar one (even the 🥚!). My dream dinner party in Paris involves copious amounts of eating, unlimited juice, calorie-busting desserts and not an ounce of regret. Guests: I’d probably start with inviting all the people I’ve made wait for me to take a snap over the years! And food people. Chefs. Writers. Setting: something by the Seine, candlelight, acoustic music and lots of good banter and laughter. And photos. But really, it’s all about the food for me. Everything else is a nice bonus. Bon appetit! #SayYes #InterludesByEurostar #eurostar #frenchfood #Paris #Toulouse #Nice @sandyanyannickdelpech @maisonladuree @lenotre_paris @eurostar

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The Sandyan Pâtisserie is a four year-old enterprise started by renowned Toulouse chef Yannick Delpech. Unfortunately, I don’t know too much more than that as most of the press is in French. But he has a cookbook. And a lot of products. And judging by the stylish features here at Sandyan, he’s doing pretty well for himself.

Sandyan Patisserie CabinetCake Sandyan patisserie

Back to the meal, I had an orange juice and ordered the dashing egg-mousse looking dessert. My friend Judy also ordered a coffee but they must have misunderstood. That one never arrived and the server was never back so we couldn’t inquire.

Sandyan Patisserie eggs

At first glance the wacky dessert looks like an egg shell, but turns out it is actually an egg shell. I had been hoping for something fancy, like Masterchef Australia’s spray on speckled chocolate shell. Also see Heston’s eggs in verjuice. The filling is super though. Under the fruity mango yolk there’s some more-plain vanilla mousse, and then some more passionfruit-y goodness at the bottom. The two sticks are a currant wafer and it’s a wee bit tricky to use for dipping, but they’re also good so not complaining here.

Like London cafes, dining in costs a little bit more but that’s alright as the second-level seating makes for perfect people watching. I also picked up a croissant for later in the day which was rich and perfect for the afternoon. A brilliant shade of red with plenty of sweetness. I would highly recommend checking Sandyan Pâtisserie if you are in Toulouse. The best patisserie I had (though I didn’t have that many).


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