Pastry Cyril Lignac – Paul Bert, Paris

Pastry Cyril Lignac – Paul Bert, Paris

Continuing on in my patisserie quest across Paris, my next stop is Pastry Cyril Lignac in the 11th arrondissement. Believe it or not, it’s a patisserie from the likes of Cyril Lignac! Explains the name. For those of us outside the French culinary scene, Lignac is an owner and chef of restaurant Le Quinzieme, which has one Michelin star.

Sweet deal

He’s well known as one of France’s food celebrities, hosting a culinary program and being a writing fiend with over forty cookbooks. Pastry Cyril Lignac is one of his two pastry shops (the other being La Patisserie). Both serve up the same items, and I was treated to some of the most heavenly sweets to date.

The store on Rue Paul Bert was little and busy with a mini but manageable queue going out the door. All the patisserie on offer here looks amazing offering items from sweet to savoury in a range of sizes. Staff are super friendly and helpful even when you have no idea what anything is.

I couldn’t hold back on picking up one of the Equinox cakes (€6), this is Cyril Lignac and Benoît Couvrand’s signature pastry, as pictured below. Under the powdered grey topping, is a light bourbon vanilla cream with salted caramel heart on crispy speculoos.

I picked up a few other treats and headed to a nearby park to take a seat and indulge. I was going to hold back on having it all in one go, but I couldn’t stop myself. Here’s the spread:

I forget to asked for cutlery but fortunately, my number 8 wire thinking had me fashioning a scoop out of the box’s cardboard. That was surprisingly effective.

A twist

Surprisingly, my favourite of the three selections was actually the sesame/ cheese twist. And when I spied the bags of the locals around me, they were leaning towards the breads. Something about the simplify of perfectly-baked bread with the nuttiness of sesame, and the savoury lashings of cheese, is so elegant and satisfying. I did find the sweet stuff, well, very sweet.

The pain au raisin is enjoyable, but I did find the pastry exceedingly rich. The amount of butter that’s here must be outrageous. Also, compared to every other pain au raisins I’ve had, this one holds back nothing in the sugar and raisin filling. That’s not a bad thing but greasy hands and sugary mouths were had. Share it instead?

The signature dessert

And back to the Equinox cake. I was very impressed with this. It’s pretty straightforward in terms of the flavours and components, but simplicity wins out here. Vanilla caramel is a safe, but always effective combo. The decadent caramel centre and the smooth, creamy vanilla are divine. Pastry Cyril Lignac is on the pricey side, but makes for a very enjoyable bite.