Michalak, 3rd Arr., Paris

Michalak, 3rd Arr., Paris

One and half days was woefully inadequate for a trip to Paris. On the upside, it gives me another reason to return. Also, I do actually have one (at least!) more visit planned for the tail end of the year. The French are sheer geniuses when it comes to the art of patisserie. I got to know that side rather well (read: eating everything in sight).

I started off with a hit list from one of my Parisian friends to guide me. But even without, everything looks so gobsmacking tasty in ever corner of the city. Christophe Michalak is a local rock star rock star pâtissier and TV personality. Michalak is one of his three boutiques that you can find in the city. He worked for over 15 years making gorgeous sweets for Hotel Plaza Athénée before deciding to depart and carve out his own legacy. He also has a very booked patisserie school!

Back at Michalak and Paris, the final sweet treat for the weekend was the uber-cute Religieuse fraise (€8.50). It’s a multi-tier strawberry choux and like all of Paris, it comes very well dressed. There’s two particular styles of dessert that are very interesting. The first is the jar variety, which look like mousses. Th,en there are the choux puffs, presented in a plastic dome. These are reminiscent of the rose from Beauty and the Beast. And just as desirable.

Michalak cake

I did find it a messy eat, the shell is hard and inside there is a solid helping of the strawberry cremeux and strawberry confit. It does spill out, out of volume. I liked the pistachio creme, it wasn’t so sweet and the choux is perfect. All that packaging makes it a little too fussy for my eco-liking but that’s smoothed over by how good it tastes.

And that’s it, my final puff for Paris, for now.


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