Les Glastag, Toulouse

Les Glastag, Toulouse

Hello 2018! It’s nice to meet you. Hope you’re full of wonderful adventures, good eating and splendid weather. Let me recount a day with all of these things, back in the city of Toulouse, in the country of France, with my friend Judy. Here’s a review for my favourite meal of that trip which was at Les Glastag restaurant.

Delayed eating

Something to know about mealtimes in Toulouse – they can start quite late. Les Glastag doesn’t open until 7.30pm so we missed it on the first evening but managed to catch it on the second. It was an unsure approach for entry as it didn’t look open… when it was. Without a booking we were fine to grab a table and the setup at Les Glastag is quite nice. The tables have a bit of space between them and the interiors as funky.

les glastag cocktail

Sacré bleu!

There’s a local connection with the waitress – she’s originally from London and is actually heading towards New Zealand next year. Even better we were saved from having to savage the French language any more. Cocktail in hand (very good) we ordered one item each of the starters and mains, and I had dessert. Some translation is required since the menu at Les Glastag is in French only and there’s a couple more traditional items which may or may not be up your alley.

glastag fried cheese

Our starters arrive within good time and feature the fried cheese and lamb koftas. Both are excellent but I found the cheese more memorable here. The kofta feels a bit more plain and ordinary, whereas the cheese has a decadent crunch and well paired with the sweetness of the caramelised onion.

glastag restaurant lamb kofta

Both salads on the dishes are good, and make for good portion sizes to sustain you before the mains arrive.

les glastag toulouse stew

Judy’s order was for the stew. I had a sample and its tasty – rich, flavourful and complex with lots going on in the mix.

glastag guinea fowl

Word to the bird

My main was described as being a ‘big chicken’, but not a turkey. Some Google-fu uncovered that they meant to say it was guinea fowl. Which I would also describe as tasting like a big chicken. Flavour-wise the BBC describes it as a balance between chicken and pheasant and I would agree with this. I quite liked it, a bit more tender than something like turkey and the accompanying fruit-inspired sauce is perfect.

glastag dessert

Bye Toulouse

I couldn’t resist a sweet treat to finish off our time with Les Glastag. It was a fine salted caramel tart, but didn’t wow me too much. At least it’s a petite size so no sugar rish.

I found the first two courses at Les Glastag generally great stuff. Moreish, interesting and quite different. I’d recommend heading into the restaurant for your own little try of Toulouse cuisine.