Lenôtre, Cannes

Lenôtre, Cannes

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted about anything food-related (blame travel for that), but let me spend a sweet little moment to reminisce about the sugary delicacies of French chain Lenôtre.

From the heavens

Are French pastries not a divine gift from the heavens? Trademarks of these treats include sublime appearance, delicate flavours and utter, complete decadence. I wonder how these people keep so slim. On this day I had spent the day checking out the Lérins Islands and on our return back to Cannes we were in need of some sweets.

I didn’t spend long enough in Cannes to get a proper feel of it. Nice beach, a lot of boutiques and no doubt a lot of buzz for it’s various festivals. It seemed like a well suited locale for an upmarket gatheting… the average holidaymaker? I’m not so sure. Cool for some beach time in any case.

Cake to eclair

I’ve walked past the windows multiple times and this time I’m lured in. Service at Lenôtre is joyful – there goes around stories of French people and their lack of manners. But for the most part and especially for the service industry, they’ve never been nothing but fab. There’s a couple of treats on order, in case we fail with one.

We needn’t had worried – it’s all delish. There’s the chocolate ganache cake with an explosion of chocolate shards. The cakes are served with a side, which is a lovely touch. For the cake it’s a cooling, light cream and for the eclair it’s a raspberry coulis. Something between the texture of a jus and a jam, which I suppose is a coulis. My dining partner gets the lemon meringue tart, this is also partnered with the same coulis.

I don’t think anyone can match the French when it comes to the eclair. Or the macaron. I had both. The eclair is made even more precious with the topping of lemon curd, meringue and chocolate. Even the little leaves are oh-so-delicate. That makes it that much more satisfying to chomp.

So basically – Lenôtre is great for a chain. Some fine pastries, well presented with the clever and curious pairings of side ‘sauces’. A sweet little escape from reality, just like what I’m doing on holiday now!