Le Carbet d’Oc, Toulouse

Le Carbet d’Oc, Toulouse

So… we weren’t quite ready for how late Toulouse dinnertimes start. We had been pondering why most of the street felt so quiet. It turns out a lot of places don’t begin their dinner service until 8pm. We were already hungry.

One place that was fizzing was a bar called Le Carbet d’Oc. Partially in part for being one of the only places open, and another part being a dispensary for drinks. Their front of restaurant courtyard was basically full, with plenty of people keen to sip up the last of the daylight.

We settled in for a table ordering a few of the tapas-style snacks. This included duck fat fries, butternut soup (an equivalent) and a savoury panna cotta. This ended up being very filling, so we ended up bypassing a proper meal time on this night. The duck fat fries were the best, a slight sog, with that richness of the meat fat. It’s a large bucket of fries and we scoffed them down in no time.

Savoury panna cotta, wasn’t quite my thing. It feels like a panna cotta, only that it is salty instead. It could delight a different palate, but felt a bit too out there for me.

The soup (but not soup according to our waitress) was alright but not as rich and hearty as I was hoping for. When I think of butternut, I’m angling for a much more orange, thick type brew. This was weaker and grainy, so not the texture I was hoping for. I don’t know if that was down to this being a different type of preparation.

The service Le Carbet d’Oc was kind, it’s a cool little spot for spending some pre-dinner time in. The Aperol Spritz is a mammoth size, though I found it odd that I got the plastic look-at-me goblet versus the glasses the other tables got. Guess we’ve been marked.


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