Le Banthai, Nice

Le Banthai, Nice

Even here in the labyrinths of old town Vieux Nice, all I can crave is noodles and/or rice. I attribute that to my Asian household upbringing. It’s quick, cheap and a lot more fuss-free than some of the other options. I headed into a popular little Thai haunt called Le Banthai. The kitchen is definitely Thai, even if all the staff are perfectly French!

The couple who started it all are in fact, Thai. They bought over all their culinary knowledge from the kingdom of Siam to delight the locals here. There’s the classic dishes as well as the tourist favourites to keep everyone happy. The crowds reassures me it’s a solid choice, there’s not too many spare tables at any point in time.

le banthai.jpg

I went with the Pad Thai option and it makes for an authentic experience, the usual much revered South-Eastern Asia flavours on offer. Pad Thai is such as street food classic and I eat up the sweet, sour and salty noodles of all the flavours that go into the mix. And if you’re a fan of the spice, they offer chilli oil and chilli flakes to make sure you don’t miss out on that kick.

All the lunch specials are at 12€ but I’d say the curries may have been a better bet. They looked impressive. The noodle dish is alright but tastes a bit flat (excuse the pun). It wasn’t the biggest portion and lacked a harmony that I’ve found in other Thai restaurants. More sweetness? More grill-age? Some tofu or a bit more variety in the noodles wouldn’t have gone amiss.

Also, the menu font at Le Banthai is Papyrus. I feel like that is important information to consider. I feel I should also point to one of my favourite SNL videos right now, where papyrus features as an unlikely villain.


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