L’Aubergeade, Bercy-Nation, Paris

L’Aubergeade, Bercy-Nation, Paris

I had my first proper French Bistro last year on my second trip to Paris. My friend Thi Thu had recommend L’Aubergeade as a traditional, authentic experience that’s very popular with the locals. For €17,5 I grabbed the three course lunch which was filling, tasty and proper French cuisine without any air of pretentiousness. It’s wholesome food that celebrates the simple pleasures.

There weren’t any difficulties getting a table although I’m told it can be quite busy at other hours. Plenty of Parisians around, that’s a good sign. A maybe one other solo tourist like me. The French is fully in French, but I appreciate this fact. It makes me feel that I’ll be getting a real experience and not one that’s geared for the locals. Anyway, L’Aubergeade is removed from the main tourist hotspots so that removes that factor too.

No soup for you

For entree there are six options and I want for the soup with celery, potato and carrot. It’s great that I don’t even need Google translate for that, you get used to some of the French words after dining for a while. Simple and delicious. As with everything in France, there’s always bread to accompany your meal.

Canard borrow a feeling?

All the dishes came quite fast, and the service was so friendly. My main dish was the Parmentier de confit de canard – which is kind of a duck pie! Not the prettiest thing in the world, but rich and tasty. They are generous with their portion sizes, and there was plenty to get you fill.

Sweet time

For the third and final course I had the tiramisu au limoncello. Again, very rustic in presentation but delicious, creamy and was a nice cleanser after the richness of the parmentier. Overall L’Aubergeade showed me a new side of French dining, one that’s feel so homely and relaxing. It felt like being in a French family’s dining room. Highly recommend for a taste of proper French food!