La Planxa, Nice

La Planxa, Nice

I’m a torn man. I liked the food at La Planxa but the service was terrible and it ultimately overshadowed the dining experience as a whole. I was led into La Planxa due to the positive Tripadvisor reviews (occasionally dodgy at times, I know) and the menu prices are fab. Most of the mains are under 15€ including my La Plance Paysanne.

This has half a roll of baked camembert, roasted pork caramelized with honey, vegetables, salad and chips. I wonder why they don’t say fries… It wasn’t a busy shift and the solo/duo service staff were kept on their toes nonetheless. I was happy to grab a table outside and watch the world go by in my little spot of Nice.

A burger arrived at my table, cue confusion. And unless my English is very off, that’s not what I ordered. I may have prodded the bun accidentally, but it found its rightful owner next door. This was then followed up by a delivery of beer – something else I didn’t order. I refused at first, but the owner was insistent so I assumed this was some make good for the confusion. I couldn’t get quite understand what was being spoken, of course.

And then my real main did arrive. But before we get to that, the table next door asked where his drink was, and then, the truth came out. Rather than let bygones be bygones the staff member took it straight off my table. I found this a bit rude, you’re choosing to waste beer because you’d rather deprive a customer of having it. It would be worse if it was reused.

But back to my dilemma, I was happy with the food. It’s a touch harder to enjoy after getting rude service like that. And when you’re dining solo, you have even more time to dwell, contemplate and hold a grudge. The cheese is crispy and melty. The fries, skin-on, rustic and crunchy. The salad is basic but the grilled pork has a pleasant level of sweetness. Overall, it makes for a very good portion size. In the end, I couldn’t recommend Planxa as the service standard was too off. The fact that I was too offended to order dessert must mean something. I’m sure what happened was a rarity, but I do think it speaks volumes about the way they treat customers. Perhaps pop into Ballanger after for some dessert and a better reception.