Kotteri Ramen Naritake, Paris

Kotteri Ramen Naritake, Paris

Often touted as the best ramen in Paris, I’m left slightly torn on my opinion of Kotteri Ramen Naritake. Part of me is convinced this is the best I’ve ever eaten, the other part recognises that it’s awfully salty bowl of broth. The divided opinion characterises the reviews of Kotteri that you’ll see around the web. Read on and find out more!

Kitchen watching

At first, I thought Kotteri Ramen Naritake stood out for the long queue to get in. But after a few more days in Paris, I realise that seems to be the case everywhere here at peak lunch time.

I wouldn’t recommend coming in with more than two people to Kotteri. There’s only a few tables and everyone else sits at the bar. As a solo diner it’s a sweet deal, only 10 minutes to get seated and my order is already taken whilst waiting so the food arrives not long after.

Even the menu at Kotteri comes with a warning. They use lots of pork fat so be aware that it’s going to be a salty bowl of noodles. If you want to wimp out, a watered down option is available. But yeah, nah, I’m going full throttle into this.

The menu is split between shio (soy sauce) and miso ramen with options of egg, butter, seaweed, spicy leek and with extra pork. By the way, all the broth is pork based so this is no place for vegetarians. Although not specified, all ramen includes a few slices of the pork.

The soup is too salty

The broth is not for the faint of heart. My miso ramen soup is like nothing I’ve tasted before. Kotteri translated to thick and boy, this broth is THICK. It’s a love it or hate it type of dish. It’s super flavourful with an intense but authentic flavour, but it’s also a meal that requires a lot of water and will leave your mouth dry. (Desserts do the trick!)

The kitchen here at Kotteri is a cool sight in itself and it is enjoyable to watch the theatre. The chefs are dressed in gumboots as things are splashed all over the place. The soup has a lot of fat going on so you can see why it is so flavourful.

At around about €10 – 12 per bowl it’s super cheap and it’s an incredible experience. Fast and a memorable bowl of noodles. Okay toilet and English-speaking staff. My only advice for Kotteri Ramen Naritake – be ready!