Depot Legal, Opera-Bourse, Paris

Depot Legal, Opera-Bourse, Paris

When I announced my Paris trip, my Parisian friend Thi Thu provided me a long list of places to check out. But only one of these was a brunch venue. And that was Depot Legal. This then became the catch up point for my cousin and I. And I was thrilled with the recommendation. Depot Legal is new on the block to the Paris food scene and it’s owned by a well-known pastry chef, Christophe Adam.

It’s a very French joint. As there was no English menu I had to choose my food on instinct. I ended up with the Madam Vivienne, a chocolate croissant and the eye-catching floating island dessert. As I found in France, you get bread with every meal as well.

depot legal menu paris

My cousin went for the black baguette with salmon; both sandwiches came with a side of root vegetable chips and a salad. And I must say, the dressing on this salad was quite remarkable. A sesame, nutty taste, very light and I had trouble putting my finger on what made it so good. The sandwich was meat and cheese perfection. Nothing beats French cheese, right?

And the chocolate croissant was as good, I wouldn’t have expected any less from these guys. I can’t say I was a massive fan of the floating island (├«le flottante). It’s kind of a meringue-in-a-can with a passionfruit confit. It’s light and airy but a bit too sweet for my taste. Very unique for its presentation. A royal show stopper.

Depot Legal Can

For my first meal in France the prices felt quite reasonable. I was more than stuffed after eating all these courses. The calories came in handy, I racked up quite some volume of steps by the end of my first day in Paris. If Depot Legal was to set a bar for my food expectations for the rest of the trip, it was very high indeed. One of my favourite experiences of the weekend.

depot legal smoothie bowl paris

Update: My second time in Paris featured a return visit, I was feeling a bit stuck on a good option for brunch. It felt like quite a different experience at Depot Legal, I didn’t enjoy it so much in the end. The weekday vibe is incredibly different, I may have been the only one who hasn’t worked there.

But the key disappointment was around the food. This time I thought I’d be healthy with one of the smoothie bowls. The chia is terribly dry (like how I make it at home before deciding to dump another litre of liquid) and the whole smoothie mix is exceedingly sour. I can’t help but find the toasted muesli much too sugary in the meanwhile. So I guess that means I conclude with mix fortunes here with Depot Legal.