Ballanger Confiserie Creperie, Nice

Ballanger Confiserie Creperie, Nice

The pinkest store I’ve been to to date. And quite intoxicating. Not unlike the food. Which is sweet treats like waffles, crepes, ice-cream, donuts, pralines, churros, candy floss and cakes. And all the drinks of course including those nuclear-looking frozen sodas. It’s an adorable venue at the Ballanger Confiserie Creperie in Nice, and it’s open nice and long hours (see what I did there?). So it can be both either a good start to the morning or the evening or anything else in between. The queues do get long, as you can imagine it seems a popular haunt for the local adolescents.

Ballanger Confiserie Waffle

The father-to-son confectioner has been around, seeing four generations of the same family. La Maison Ballanger was founded in 1926 by a just-then sixteen year old, who looked to launch his artisan confectionary at the local fairgrounds. Things too a new lease of life in 2013 when his grandson and his wife wanted to relaunch confectionary to a new generation.

I went for the cinnamon/ chocolate/ cream waffle which is a very big serve. But you would already know this as there are display models presented in the window. These are enticing are drive anticipation as you watch them prepare it. But wait. Hmm. It wasn’t my favourite waffle, tasted a bit dry and the toppings are heavy-handed. Something more buttery, rich or delicate would have been memorable. I can’t quite remember how it compared to the Ballanger display model. I also don’t need quite so much cream, but it sure does leave an impression. One on my diet that is.

Ballanger Confiserie Nice

Even though it’s not the best tasting food, it’s a cool little experience at Ballanger in a very bright store. There’s two stores with plenty of room and the staff work hard to get your goodies nice and quickly. Get your sugar high at Ballanger in its many delicious forms.


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